Private Autopsies

Private Autopsies


Dear Dr. Godfrey,

I wish to thank you for your compassion and thoroughness. Having a definitive diagnosis helped to bring closure to Dad’s passing. 

Your updates every step of the way were very much appreciated.


PathCounsel Private Autopsy Services provide a thorough and compassionate medical investigation
of death.

Families of the deceased are often faced with confusion along with their bereavement, and want to determine the true medical facts pertaining to their loved one’s death.

PathCounsel Private Autopsy Services confirm findings and resolves questions concerning medical negligence or hereditary diseases.  The findings from autopsies can provide evidence to substantiate legal claims in medical malpractice, personal injury, workmen’s compensation, insurance settlements and can sometimes detect unsuspected hereditary conditions (with important implications for surviving relatives).

PathCounsel Private Autopsy Services; is staffed by Physicians who are uniquely qualified and certified by the American Board of Pathology.

The autopsy is conducted in a respectful and dignified manner and will not effect your plans for an open-casket ceremony.

We are available for consultations 24/7 at no charge.