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Dear Dr. Godfrey,

I wish to thank you for your compassion and thoroughness.

Having a definitive diagnosis helped to bring closure to Dad’s passing.  Your updates every step of the way were very much appreciated.




Dear Dr. Godfrey,

We want to thank you for your detailed and easy to understand report explaining Dad’s passing.

We thank you for your genuine concern and making yourself available to help us in so many different ways.

You have definitely given us the Peace of Mind we needed in our time of mourning.

With gratitude,



Dear Dr. Godfrey,

We are so thankful to finally have a diagnosis about our daughter’s cancer.

We would have always wondered if the other doctors were right and now we know.  Your reports to us have made us understand much better what was going on and we truly appreciate all the time you spent with us.

I now know why you call your company Peace of Mind.

God Bless,