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Asbestos and Mesothelioma

Path Counsel Pathology Legal Consultations includes the investigation of occupational lung diseases, particularly those from asbestos exposure.  We provide this service to legal firms nationally, with an emphasis on mesothelioma.  These references are available upon request.

We provide pathologic reevaluation of tissues from biopsy or surgical procedures, with critical analysis for the accuracy of any mesothelioma diagnosis.  In some cases with other diagnoses, we are able to show that a malignant tumor is a mesothelioma instead.  Confirmation of mesothelioma is of course essential for tort litigation when occupational asbestos exposure is involved.  Our analysis includes state-of-the-art immunohistochemistry, and our reports include correlation with the medical literature and appropriate citations.

If necessary in such cases when death has occurred, we perform private autopsies, second autopsies, exhumation autopsies, or review of findings from previous autopsies through PathCounsel Private Autopsy ServicesThis can be full comprehensive postmortem evaluation of all organ systems, or can be limited to study of the lungs and pleura only.  When postmortem samples of such tissues are obtained from a decedent with an occupational history of asbestos exposure, we can provide confirmatory asbestos fiber typing and burden calculation through an affiliated analytic laboratory.

Our Medical Director will follow mesothelioma cases as they proceed through the litigation process.  This includes depositions and trial testimony, with which he has extensive experience.  For recovery of damages in these cases, pathologic expertise is essential.