FAQ's & Info


Q.  What are the most common reasons for an autopsy?

A.  Personal injury, insurance settlements, medical malpractice, fear of hereditary disease (i.e. Alzheimer’s), and for closure.

Q.  Is it ever too late to have an autopsy performed?

A.  Never...

Q.  What information will I receive from an autopsy?

A.  A thorough medical investigation into the cause of death.

Q.  How long before I know anything after an autopsy is performed?

A.  Within 48 hours you will receive a preliminary report.  Within 30 days you will receive a final autopsy report.

Q. Could an autopsy determine if my loved one suffered with Alzheimer’s disease at the time of death.

A.  Yes

Q.  Can an autopsy determine neurological diseases and neuromuscular diseases?

A.  Yes

Q.  Will we be able to have an open casket ceremony after an autopsy?

A.  Yes, the decedent will be left in satisfactory condition for funerary preparations.