Private Autopsies

Private Autopsy Fees


Dear Dr. Godfrey,

We want to thank you for your detailed and easy to understand report explaining Dad’s passing.
We thank you for your genuine concern and making yourself available to help us in so many different ways.

You have definitely given us the Peace of Mind we needed in our time of mourning.

With gratitude,


The fee for a standard comprehensive autopsy is $3,250 plus travel expenses.  This includes the examination of all major organ systems and their subsequent microscopic study.  A brief verbal report preliminary findings will be provided within two days.  A much more lengthy final report will be provided in printed form within thirty days, after completion of the microscopic study and any additional laboratory tests.  There would only be extra charges if special consultation services for hereditary diseases, clinical laboratory toxicology testing, or neuropathology confirmation of dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease are desired.

Because the final autopsy report makes extensive use of technical medical language that may be difficult for lay persons to comprehend, the pathologist will continue to be available for consultation at no additional charge until you are satisfied that you understand the findings.  A limited autopsy can be performed for a reduced fee.

Private Autopsy Rates

Full Autopsy   $3,250
Limited Autopsy      $2,250
Single Organ Autopsy $1,250
Exhumation Autopsy $5,000
Second Autopsy Negotiable